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Jason Richardson

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Company Description

CUSTOM MEDICAL SOLUTIONS was formed on May 27, 2005 by acquiring the assets of Patient Care Services Inc., which was formed in 1998 as a Minnesota based corporation.  At this time, a new management team was put in place.  While the formal name of the Company is Midtown Investments, LLC, Midtown Investments conducts business as CUSTOM MEDICAL SOLUTIONS with principal address in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The company started with one office in Minnesota and has grown to a total of 22 offices nationwide and achieves a growth rate of 30 percent.  In 2009 we reached our employee milestone of 100 employees. 

CUSTOM MEDICAL SOLUTIONS service model delivers specialized products and services for medical facilities. We offer our clients the ability to customize their product selections according to their patients needs. Our goal is to provide individualized solutions for our clients. We believe each client’s needs are unique, requiring customized solutions and services.  CUSTOM MEDICAL SOLUTIONS customers know renting removes the risk of obsolescence and under utilization which is inherent with ownership.  Plus CUSTOM MEDICAL SOLUTIONS is responsible for storage, cleaning and repair of the equipment.  Our equipment is set-up, taken down, cleaned and repaired on a patient by patient basis.  Our product categories are specialty support surfaces, bariatric beds and accessories, enclosure products/beds, low beds, and rehabilitation products.

Our management team is veterans of large players in the medical field.   Our management team and staff, which include two clinicians, are focused on servicing our customers with the right products and customer service. CUSTOM MEDICAL SOLUTIONS’ management team has combined experience in the medical equipment industry of over 100 years.  Each of our 21 offices has local service and sales representation who report up through middle management to the President of CUSTOM MEDICAL SOLUTIONS.
Today’s environment leads us to believe that we can not only continue to grow profitably but that we are being presented with many opportunities for substantial growth.  This is a classic example of the right company with the right products and services at the right time.

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